Capteur de qualité de vapeur dans un boîtier de filtre

Functional description:

Vapor Quality Sensor integrated into standard strainer housing available in both carbon steel (DN20 to DN300 (13 different sizes)) and stainless steel (DN20 to DN65 (6 different sizes)). Ask for availability if size outside of this range is requested.

With a vapor quality sensor integrated into a standard strainer house you are ensured safe functionality of the sensor and installation is easy. The butt weld connection makes it easy to weld with same size of piping. Please be aware that the flow direction of the vapor quality sensor is opposite of the flow direction when used as a strainer. If installed with wrong flow direction functionality will NOT be correct.

Besides the benefit of easy installation this solution makes it easy to dismantle the lid with the sensor conductor and clean it if necessary.

Product features

Can be used for both DX systems and Flooded Systems (OVC systems)
Measures Vapor Quality in Refrigeration Systems (The Liquid-Vapor Ratio).
Increases COP up to 45 % in DX-Systems
Sensor makes Zero Superheat Control possible in DX-Systems
Enables Vapor Quality Control in Flooded Systems
A Vapor Quality Sensor installed in Strainer Housing ensures a perfect Measurement and Proper Functionality of the Sensor
Easy Installation and Cleaning


Flooded System:

HBX ST flooded applikationstegning

Optimum efficiency at all loads is obtain by measuring the Vapor Quality in the outlet of the evaporator and use the signal to change the height of the driving head as shown, lower level will minimize the liquid amount  in the evaporator and secure balanced and dynamic evaporation  during part load and thus optimum heat transfer.

The HBX-OVC-ST Vapor Quality control signal (cable out, 4-20mA) is connected to DI 3 (pin 3) on the HBSLC liquid level sensor and used to change the desired set value for the liquid level in the recirculation vessel/separator.

DX System:

HBX ST DX apptegning






Danfoss Strainer DN20 DN65 profiltegninger WEB


Tabel Dimensioner DN20 DN65





Danfoss Strainer DN65 DN200 profiltegninger WEB

 Tabel Dimensioner DN80 DN200

Danfoss Strainer DN250 DN300 profiltegning WEB

Tabel Dimensioner DN250 DN300

Power supply
Voltage24 V AC/DC 
Current consumptionMax 250 mA
Electronic connectionM12, 5 pins
Analouge signal4-20 mA
Environmental conditions
RefrigerantsApplicable to HCFC, HFC, R717 (Ammonia), R744
Temperature range–60°C/+150°C (–76°F/+302°F).
Max. Working pressure52 barg (754 psig).
Degree of protectionIP65
Vibrations IEC 68-2-6 (4g) 
Mechanical specifications
Thread connection / welding connection1" NPT / BSPP 
Material liquid partsAISI 304 / PEEK
Material electronic partsGF BLK, Nylon 6 (PA)
SizeSee drawing
WeightSee ordering codes
TypeFront house
EMC testEN 61000-2
5 m cabel with. M12 plugHBxC-M12/5 
Cabel specificationsPUR -5 x 0,34mm2 
LED indicationLED (green, yellow og red)
ConfigurationWith PC tool

Ordering code

Pipe diameterStainless steelCarbon steelOrdering code
DN 20 (3/4”)AvailableAvailable
DN 25 (1”)AvailableAvailable
DN 32 (1 1/4”)AvailableAvailable
DN 40 (1 1/2”)AvailableAvailable
DN 50 (2”)AvailableAvailable
DN 65 (2 1/2”)AvailableAvailable
DN 80 (3”)On requestAvailable
DN 100 (4”)On requestAvailable
DN 125 (5”)On requestAvailable
DN 150 (6”)On requestAvailable
DN 200 (8”)Not availableAvailable
DN 250 (10”)Not availableAvailable
DN 300 (12”)Not availableAvailable
Vapor quality sensors come in numerous variants - all customized to the application. An order contains a mechanical part and an electronic part programmed to the order. Before ordering you need to consider:
1) The dimension and steel type for the mechanical part. (see table above)
2) The configuration and specification of the electronic part.
To make the right configuration of the sensor, please choose the functions and specifications you need for the electronic part:
Control function: (More than one function is possible)
☐ Analog output only 4-20 mA to PLC/main controller
☐ Control of stepper motor valve e.g. Carel E2V
☐ Control of PVM valve e.g. Danfoss AKV
☐ Control of motor valve e.g. Siemens MVS661 and Danfoss ICM
Refrigerant: (Only on selection)
☐ NH3
☐ CO2
☐ Other please specify
Application: (More than one function is possible)
☐ Direct expansion DX
☐ Overfeed system/flooded/pump circulation
☐ Compressor protection
☐ Leakage protection in ammonia CO2 cascade (ammonia carbamate)
☐ Other please specify
Other functions: (More than one function is possible)
☐ Remote setting of setpoint*
☐ USB cable
* Makes it possible to control the vapor quality (X) setpoint dynamically in the sensor used for controlling an expansion valve directly. The remote setting must be set from a PLC.

To order: Please fill out the HBX Vapor Quality Sensor Ordering Form and attach it in an e-mail to