Defrost & Ice Bank

Ice buildup on the evaporator can significantly reduce system performance and cooling capacity. Traditionally, defrosts have been based on fixed schedules, leading to unnecessary defrosts during periods of low humidity. Our Defrost Sensor, provides a flexible solution for automatic defrosting, initiating the process only when necessary.

Features and benefits

  • Efficient defrosting: By accurately detecting ice buildup on cooling pipes, the sensor ensures that defrosting is initiated only when necessary, optimizing energy usage and preventing unnecessary defrost cycles.
  • Capacitive measuring principle: Based on the capacitive measuring principle, this sensor accurately measures ice thickness between fins, providing a 4-20 mA analog or advanced digital output for direct defrosting control. The digital output includes a temperature sensor for defrosting completion detection, ensuring efficient and effective defrosting operations.
  • Easy installation: The sensor can be installed on both new and old evaporators without system shutdown. It consists of a control box, a coated steel wire, and a temperature sensor for some versions, making installation straightforward.
  • Choose the correct control mode for your convenience: Simple analog: Control from a PLC with parameters inside, preferred for easy access. Smart analog: Direct control from the sensor box via a PC connection, offering flexibility in system control.
  • Customizable options: Available in 4 versions with wire lengths ranging from 10 to 30 meters, our sensors offer flexibility to suit various application requirements.
  • Easy configuration: The Defrost Sensor can be accurately configured to suit your specific application with our HB Tool.

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Temperature range


Low temperature freezers

-60°C to 0°C

With insulation for low temperatures

Normal freezers

-30°C to 0°C

Standard version

Cold room

-30°C to +10°C

Include temperature sensor

Heat pump

-60°C to +20°C

Special product for OEM


Application: Freezer -30°C to 10°C

Product Code: HBDF

Application: Heat pump

Product Code: HBDF-OD

Application: Freezer -30°C to 0°C

Product Code: HBDF-Freezer

Application: Freezer -60°C to 0°C

Product Code: HBDF-LT

Output: 4..20 mA

Measurng of: Ice up to 100 mm

Product Code: HBIB-MK2-5