Commercial refrigeration

Introduction to HB Products

As a worldwide producer of commercial refrigeration components, we are committed to providing tailored solutions to OEM customers across the globe. Our aim is to ease your challenges and contribute to your success by offering dependable and cost-effective components that seamlessly fit into your production setup. Our experienced team focuses on continually creating designs that precisely meet your needs.


Assured Delivery Reliability and Product Quality

We give priority to reliable delivery. As a privately owned company, we use this advantage to avoid just-in-time practices for our inventory in Denmark. We collaborate with local suppliers, a practice we have upheld for two decades. Moreover, our EU-based supply chain ensures compliance with high-quality standards.


Product Design and the Benefits of Our Split-Design Approach

Our split-design solutions eliminate the need to empty the system in case of electrical component failures, ensuring efficiency for the customer and reducing operational disruptions.


Sustainable Partnership with a Focus on ESG

We share your focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and provide ESG data to our customers globally. Our company is also customer-driven in our product development. We possess a remarkably high level of technical know-how. We also develop products with new technology that others have not yet introduced to the market. We have a technical team with many years of experience in refrigeration, always ready to advise and assist our customers.


Products for CO2 and Hydrocarbons

HBSC2: Liquid Level Switch

  • A unique split design which makes it easy to install and make diagnostic.
  • Special construction allows it to withstand high pressure and low refrigerant temperatures.


HBLC/CO2: Liquid Level Sensor

  • Simple to install by one thread sleeve. A cost-optimised solution.
  • Unique split design which makes it easy to install and make diagnostic.


HBSO: Oil Level Monitoring

  • Pressure up to 150 bar
  • Split design which makes it easy to install and make diagnostics.
  • Proven and reliable sensor with NPN/PNP transistor output and NO/NC contact function. The NO/NC term refers to the state of the contact in "dry" conditions, when not influenced by the oil.


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