Liquid Level Switches

A Liquid Level Switch is a vital component used in many industries to detect the presence or absence of liquid at a certain level within a container or tank. These switches are designed to trigger an alarm, activate a pump, or control other processes based on the liquid level. We have a diverse range of capacitive Level Switches tailored for refrigeration applications.

Features and benefits

  • Tailored for industrial refrigeration: Our switches are built for industrial refrigeration applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability without needing adaptations or modifications.
  • Easy installation and diagnostics: The unique split design makes it easy to change the electronic part without evacuating the system.
  • Wide temperature range: With a temperature range from -60°C to 145°C (-76°F to 293°F), our switches can operate effectively across a broad spectrum of temperatures, providing reliability in diverse operating conditions. It is also equipped with built-in heaters, most electronic units are suitable for wet and low temperatures, safeguarding against condensation and ensuring consistent performance.
  • Power supply: All switches can be supplied with both AC and DC power, offering flexibility in installation. Additionally, we offer 24 V NPN/PNP output options and solid-state solutions.
  • Switches for all types of liquids: We have switches for all types of liquids, such as ammonia, CO2 and butane. They can also operate in scenarios involving two immiscible liquids, such as oil in ammonia or oil in water.
  • Easy configuration: With options for both plug-and-play installation and customization using HB Tool, our products can be accurately configured to suit specific application requirements.

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