Liquid Level Switches

HB Products offers a wide range of capacitive-level switches for refrigeration and industrial use. Due to the capacitive principle, the switches are optimized and calibrated for different groups of liquids and different working conditions.

All switches consist of a mechanical and an electrical part. The mechanical part has no moving elements and is insensitive to contamination. The electrical part is available in simple pre-calibrated versions with 24 V or 90-240V supply and more advanced versions, which can be calibrated on-site and even control a solenoid valve directly. All switches can be supplied with both AC and DC and we have both 24 V NPN/PNP output as well as solid state.

All the electronic units suitable for low temperatures have a built-in heater, which will protect them against normal condensation, but for wet conditions, we have IP66 versions.

The mechanical parts are available with different thread types and sizes like ½”, ¾” or 1 ⅛”.
Most switches detect liquid in gas or air, but we can also operate in two immiscible liquids like oil in ammonia or oil in water.

The typical pressure rating is 150 bar.

These interactive tables can help guide you to the different variants.

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