Vapor Quality Sensors

The Vapor Quality Sensor measures the liquid content in the evaporator's output and works in both liquid overfeed and DX systems. In overfeed systems, it helps control the circulation ratio, reducing energy consumption and improving cooling capacity. In DX systems, it replaces superheat control, allowing a faster control loop and reducing superheat to less than 1K. The sensor detects liquid in the gas/liquid mixture, providing instant measurement and better feedback for system control. This leads to improved efficiency and more consistent performance in refrigeration systems.

Features and benefits

  • Improved energy efficiency: In pump-circulated systems, where overfilling the evaporator with liquid reduces heat transfer and increases energy consumption, our sensor optimizes liquid levels, resulting in energy savings of at least 20%. Similarly, in DX systems, it enhances efficiency by reducing superheating and power consumption, leading to energy savings of up to 20% during full load and 50% during part load.
  • Easy installation and diagnostics: The unique split design makes it easy to change the electronic part without evacuating the system.
  • Pipe sizes: Available in pipe sizes ranging from 6 mm to 300 mm.
  • Flexible installation options: Our sensors are designed for easy installation at the evaporator outlet, providing fast response times and minimizing the risk of liquid buildup. They can be installed on both horizontal and vertical pipes, offering versatility in placement.
  • Sensors for all types of liquids: Suitable for all common liquids.
  • Compressor protection: Our sensors also serve as a simple yet effective solution for detecting liquid in the suction line, helping to prevent compressor damage caused by liquid slugging. The sensor delivers timely alarms and continuous liquid content measurements, safeguarding your compressor against severe damage.

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