Liquid Level Sensors

Liquid Level Sensors are essential components used in various industries to measure and monitor the level of liquids in tanks, vessels, and other containers. We have a diverse range of capacitive Level Sensors tailored for refrigeration applications.

Features and benefits

  • Tailored for industrial refrigeration: Our sensors are built for industrial refrigeration applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability without needing adaptations or modifications.
  • Easy installation and diagnostics: Featuring a unique split design, installation and diagnostics are simplified, saving time and effort during setup and troubleshooting. This also allows seamless updates between different models without replacing the entire unit. For instance, going from HBLT-A1 to HBLT-A3 is as simple as swapping out the electronic head.
  • Wide temperature range: Our sensors are suitable for temperatures ranging from -60°C to 80°C (-76°F to 176°F) and are ideal for use in diverse environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance across a range of operating temperatures.
  • Many length options: Mechanical parts are available in rigid probe versions up to 3000 mm, while our wire version cater to longer applications ranging from 250 mm to 6 m in length, offering on-site adjustability.
  • Sensors for all types of liquids: We have sensors for all types of liquids, such as ammonia, CO2 and butane.
  • Easy configuration: Our products can be accurately configured to suit specific application requirements with options for both plug-and-play installation and customization using the HB Tool.

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