Safety & Leakage Detection

We have a range of sensors designed to detect refrigerant leaks and protect compressors from liquid slugging. Early leak detection is vital to ensure the safety of people, the environment, and goods. Our sensors are suitable for various applications, offering protection in cold storage, machine rooms, and other sensitive areas.

  • Gas alarms are designed to detect small amounts of leaking refrigerant in areas such as cold storage facilities and machine rooms, providing early warning before harm is done. These alarms are available for different refrigerants, including CO2 and ammonia.
  • pH sensors are designed to detect ammonia in water and glycol brines. They are sensitive enough to pick up ammonia levels above 100 ppm, though detection in high-pH antifreeze and seawater may require larger leaks due to their properties.
  • Compressor protection sensors monitor the suction line in front of the compressor, providing an alert when liquids are detected. They continuously measure liquid content, helping to prevent liquid slugging, which can severely damage compressors.
  • Cascade systems that use CO2 and ammonia face challenges with CO2 leakage into ammonia, leading to the formation of ammonia carbamate, a salt that can block pipes and cause system failure. These sensors are designed to help detect and address such issues, ensuring the safety and longevity of refrigeration systems.

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