HBX Vapor Quality Sensor

The HBX Vapor Quality Sensor has a revolutionary patented technology and it is the first sensor in the world capable of measuring the relationship between vapor and liquid in a refrigeration system.

Introduction to Vapor Quality

In this video, our Product Manager Henrik Kudsk will explain the design and basic functions of the Vapor Quality sensor types: the Rod style, and Strainer house.

Defrost On Demand

In this video, our Product Manager Henrik Kudsk explains the functionality of our defrost sensor that is used for measuring the frost layers on an evaporator.

Vapor Quality Control - Demonstration

In this Vapor Quality video, Director Michael Elstrøm will demonstrate The Duke, with the Inline and Strainer house Vapor Quality sensor types - and the new Flow Sensor, as part of the demonstration.

Vapor Quality on a DX Ammonia system

This video is a follow-up to the previous Vapor Quality video - This time Henrik will explain how the Vapor Quality Strainer house works on a DX Ammonia system.

HBLC-CO2 feat. Christof Fischer

A collaborative video on HBLC-CO2 featuring Christof Fischer, Germany. This sensor is designed for the measurement of CO2, Butane or Propane refrigerant level in chillers, evaporators and condensers.

Defrost Installation DX

The sensor helps you achieve higher control of the defrosting process and reduce the number of defrost cycles by 50%. In a DX system, the superheat reduces frost formation on the evaporator surface; however, the ice will instead accumulate at the center of the evaporator. To get the best results and performance from the sensor, install the wire across the air inlet to the air outlet...

Instruction video - HBLT-Wire

HBLT-Wire is a capacitive wire sensor for liquid level measurement. The sensor is typically used in industrial refrigeration systems and other industrial applications.

Defrosting Evaporator - Defrost Sensor

Our Defrost sensor optimizes the defrosting process by starting automatically before the frost layer between the fins reduces the evaporator efficiency. You can typically experience a 50% reduction of defrost cycles compared to traditional timer-based defrosting...

Defrost installation 1st method

Wouldn’t you appreciate only having to defrost when it’s necessary? With Demand Defrost, you can typically cut the number of defrost cycles by 50% and experience substantial energy savings.

Defrost installation 2nd method

A thick frost layer will decrease the efficiency of an air-cooled evaporator – our defrost ice sensor can control the frost layer better than a standard timer-based defrost system...

Low Charge Ammonia as Direct ExpansionX

Watch Michael Elstrøm giving our latest update on Low Charge Ammonia systems designed as Direct Expansion.

HB Products webinar - Vapor Quality

Watch our Product Manager Henrik Kudsk give a webinar on Vapor Quality.

Factory Tour Of HB Products

In our newly updated factory tour, we will take you behind the scenes of our headquarters, introducing you to the different departments that each contribute to the success of HB Products – From research & development to production to product management and sales.

R&D, Production & Testing

Come along on our product development journey, from R&D through testing to production.

Jyske Bank visits HB Products

As part of their #GOTAMINUTE series, Jyske Bank visited HB Products and interviewed Michael Elstrøm.

Building extension of 2020

We are currently in the middle of a great expansion of our facility building. We are adding a second storey of 680 m2. Watch the exiting transformation.