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Vapor Quality Sensors are being tested at Ghent University

At Chillventa in 2018 HB Products launched a new revolutionary HBX Vapor Quality Sensor which can optimize the evaporator control and eliminate super heat.HB Products has tested the Vapor Quality Sensor on a trans critical CO2 refrigeration system and compared the results with a system controlled by a conventional super heat controller and the results are clear.

“With a system controlled by a Vapor Quality sensor it is possible to raise the suction pressure with 8 K and save up to 20 % energy compared with a system with conventional super heat control”, Michael Elstrøm, Director & Technical Manager at HB Products said.    
To get a third party verification of the striking results HB Products has entered into collaboration with Gent University in Belgium, who will perform several tests on the Vapor Quality sensor.

 Vapor sensor Ghent web
A Vapor Quality Sensor installed in an evaporator at the laboratory at Ghent University

The article is published in Refrigeration Industry. Read the full article here