Refrigerant switches & sensors

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HB refrigerant switches are suited for all common refrigerants, including:

  • Ammonia, NH3/ R717,
  • CO2/ R744,
  • all types HFC refrigerants, as well as
  • brine and water

The product range consists of:

  • on/off level switches
  • analogue level transmitters
  • analogue level sensors with built-in controllers
  • analogue pressure transmittere
  • temperatur sensors - PT100/PT1000
  • analogue gas quality sensor
  • on/off gas gas quality switch (compressor protection)

Application areas for on/off level switches:

  • level indication, min/max, on all types of fluid tanks
  • indication of oil in oil pots and the like in ammonia refrigeration systems
  • ensuring that liquid slugging does not occur in the pipe system during hot gas defrosting.

Application areas for analogue level transmitters:

  • continuous analogue level measurements, 4-20mA, in all types of fluid tanks and/or overflow pipes. Pre-calibrated for ammonia or CO2.

Application areas for analogue level sensors with built-in controllers:

  • electronic level measurement and direct control of the motor valve, recommended for use in high and low pressure systems, for example.

All sensors are designed so that they are:

  • unaffected by pressure and temperature
  • maintenance-free, without moving parts and
  • not affected by impurities in the refrigerant or oil.
  • can be serviced during operation without loss of pressure

If the products discussed above do not meet your specific needs or if you would like a customised variant, please contact us! We work closely with a number of our customers regarding the development and refinement of sensors and controllers.