Oil switches & sensors

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HB oil level switches are characterised by not being affected by foaming. The sensor will not trigger an error if, for example, foaming or oil spray occurs. When oil is drained from a separator, for example, the sensor will ensure that only oil, and not the refrigerant, is returned.

Within oil sensors, we offer a series of products which cover all conceivable uses and ensure reliable and precise level measurements in all types of refrigeration systems:

Level indication, on/off switches for min/max indication of oil in such devices as:

  • Compressor houses – ensuring adequate lubricating oil during operation and/or before start-up.
  • Oil separators – level indication for draining from the separator
  • Oil reservoir – level indication for draining and filling respectively
  • Oil system – ensuring that oil is present

Automatic regulation of the oil level using a sensor with an in-built controller in such devices as:

  • Compressor houses with direct control of the solenoid valve
  • Oil separators with direct control of the solenoid valve

oil sensor 2The oil sensors are generally designed for oil temperatures of up to 80°C, but are also available in a high temperature model for operating temperatures of up to 120°C. The sensors are tested and approved for use in all common oil types, including the mineral oils POE, PVE, PAG, and alkylbenzene oils. Please contact us for other types of oils.

All sensors are designed so that they are:

  • unaffected by pressure and temperature
  • maintenance-free, without moving parts and
  • not affected by impurities in the refrigerant or oil
  • can be serviced during operation without loss of pressure

If the products discussed above do not meet your specific needs or if you would like a customised variant, please contact us! We work closely with a number of our customers regarding the development and refinement of sensors and controllers.

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