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New CO2 Gas Alarm & Upgraded Ammonia Gas Alarm

HBGS new

A new upgraded HBGS-NH3 gas alarm sensor is now available. The new version has a new electrochemical design. It has a faster response time than the previous version and has improved stability. The sensor comes with an upgraded measurement range 0 ppm…1000 ppm and can be used in operating temperatures within the range of -30…+50°C (-22…+122°F). HBGS-NH3

In addition to upgrading the NH3 sensors we are also introducing a CO2 Gas Alarm HBGS-CO2
The key features are IR technology and a fast response time. The measurement range will be 0 ppm…10000 ppm (0..1%) and the operating temperature is in the range of -40…+60°C (-40…+140°F).