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Complete product series of Vapor Quality Sensors in strainer houses DN20 to DN300

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The HBX Vapor Quality Sensor has now become a mature product - easier to install and use for all common refrigerants. The
sensor family consists of three types:

• HBX Vapor Quality Sensor in strainer housing in all standard sizes from DN20 to DN300

• HBX Angle Rod Sensor size is now with oversized tubes. CO2 is designed with next size tubing.
HFO / HFC / PROPAN is designed two pipe size up.

CO2: Tube size 3/8” is changed to 1/2”…… 1 1/8” is changed to 1 3/8”
HFO: Tube size 1/4” is changed to 1/2”…… 1 1/8” is changed to 1 5/8”
The new HBX Angle Rod Sensor has a new design optimized for measuring both High and Low Vapor Quality and the sensor is less influenced by oil accumulation during low load than the previous version.

• HBX Inline Sensor DN25 to DN50

The sensors can control an expansion valve directly in a DX system or control the circulation rate in an overfeed system - and of course provide the data for a PLC.
The sensor can also be used for detecting ammonia carbamate in a CO₂/NH₃ cascade system and be used for protecting compressors against liquid hammering.

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