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Analog output for PLC now included on all level transmitters with direct control of valves


All level transmitters with integrated cable for direct control of Electronic Expansion Valves will now have analog 4-20 mA output to PLC or main controller unit.

The new version is called HBSLC for HFC and CO2 transmitters and HBSLT for Ammonia (WIRE, A2 and A3 versions).

The shorter version for use as float control for Ammonia is called HBSLC-NH3.

All versions are available as /C for 4-20 mA modulating valves, /S for all kind of stepper motor valves and /PWM for pulse width modulating valves.

The new versions have as well a remote control functionality where a 4-20 mA analog input can change the setpoint for level. This gives the advantage of changing level setpoint according to actual load.

Physical size of the new sensor remains the same as the former version.