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HBX Vapour Quality

Dear customer As you will see from this May-2017 HB Products newsletter, we are very focused on the HBX Vapour Quality sensors (formerly known as HBDX), measuring the Void Fraction and hence optimizing eficiency, saving energy and reducing charge (refrigerant).

We are ready for ChillVenta 2016

We are ready for ChillVenta 2016 Dear Customer, We are looking very much forward to meet many of you at the ChillVenta 2016. We are launching many new products We have an awesome new HBX demonstration rig at our stand Our stand is Hall 5, Stand 217

New HBX Sensor Video

New HBX Sensor Video                                        

Defrost cycles in cold stores

The basic problem is not a new one. Applications that have evaporation temperatures of 0°C or below regularly experience ice build-up on the surface of the air cooler’s fins. The heat transfer is thus reduced, resulting in a decrease of the air cooler’s efficiency. The build-up of ice is caused by the dehumidification of the refrigerator room, when…

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