From Idea to final product

HB Products R&D Controller Development & construction: HB Products works continuously with the development and design of new products – in new materials and with new functionality. By using the newest construction tools, the ideas are transformed into specifications and pictures, which are subsequently
used in production.
HB Products Sensor filling Technology and craftsmanship: HB Products is responsible for the production of sensors and control modules. In manufacturing, we take a craftsman's approach to our work, but in many areas of production we use modern and highly efficient manufacturing technology.
This ensures quality down to the smallest detail. State-of-the-art electronics manufacturers
HB Products Quality control sensor electronic Test and quality control: All newly developed products go through rigorous testing procedures and extensive quality control before they are cleared to be put on sale.
HB Products long stroke transmitter Calibration: In order to guarantee products with precise functionality and the best measuring capabilities, each product is calibrated before it is sent to general quality control.