An efficient and intelligent way to defrost

de frost sensor 1An efficient and intelligent way to defrost

Based on the capacitive measuring principle, HBDF-Defrost measures the build-up of ice between the fins of the evaporator. The sensor is installed and calibrated for the currently installed evaporator. Calibration should be done before the ice starting process. The sensor emits 4mA if the evaporator is free of ice. It can go up to 20mA due to the ice build-up. In order to define defrost, a visual inspection should be carried out. The system’s PLC is set to perform defrost at a defined level (e.g. 12mA).

It results in energy savings of approximately 10%, thus quickly recouping its cost. The sensor can be installed in less than one hour, on both new and old evaporators. It can be installed when the system is in operation, and therefore, system shutdown is not necessary. The electronic part is mounted on the evaporator's frame using 2 screws. The mechanical part consists of a thin Teflon-coated wire, which is installed between the fins of the evaporator. HBDF is available in 3 variants, with a 10m, 20m, and 30m wire respectively.

Here you can see both the actual electronic part as well as how the wire end terminates with a wire clamp.


After installation, the sensor is calibrated/configured to the evaporator it is mounted on. This is done using a PC-based software tool, which can be downloaded from HB Products’ website.    

de frost sensor 3Key Features:

  • Provides energy savings of up to 10 % vs. conventional defrosting
  • Reduces downtime and minimizes system defrost time
  • Split design: Easy to install and service. The electronic part can be separated from the mechanical part
  • Simple installation in less than an hour without system shutdown
  • Can be installed on all evaporator types from all manufacturers



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