We are an innovative company driven by a green vision to develop advanced sensors that can optimise energy efficiency in refrigeration systems and heat pumps in both the industrial and commercial sectors.

Energy optimisation with sensors from HB Products
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Vapor Quality Sensor

Energy-efficient evaporator control. Achieve zero superheat in DX systems and reduce the refrigerant charge in flooded systems.

ATEX approved sensors

Optimal safety in hazardous areas.

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We are working towards a greener world

We support the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and use them as the basis for our CSR and sustainability policies.

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Case studies

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Presentation about Low Charge Ammonia Systems Designed as Direct Expansion

The first cold store based on DX Ammonia and Vapor Quality Control was established 7 years ago. The system works well, and more than 20 similar projects has followed. Key to the success with DX Ammonia is Vapor Quality in combination with new liquid distribution and efficient evaporators. With the right evaporators and Vapor Quality Control you can reduce the charge by 75% and save more than 20% energy compared to state of art overfeed systems. The technology allows for further reduction of the Ammonia charge. Read more.

Find more information about low charge ammonia systems in our Brochure, White Papers, Case Studies & Articles or Download section.

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