12. Februar 2023

In September 2022 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of HB Products. Thank you to everyone attending the celebration, as well as everyone that has contributed to the journey of HB Products, over the past 20 years.

12. Februar 2023

HB Products has welcomed new International Sales Manager, Rooba Sivagnana. Rooba has many years of experience in sales and communication making him an ideal fit for this position.

The sales department has also expanded with Dennis Møller, in the position of technical sales.

07. April 2021

HB Products CEO, Michael Elstrøm, has managed to pass on the joy of and pride in HB Products to three of his children.

With their various relevant competencies, the time has now come to initiate the succession of the family business in stages.

14. August 2020

A test of the chiller shows a remarkable improvement In SEPR by 46 % by replacing the conventional super heat control by vapor quality control.

Energy efficient ultra low charge chiller with sensors from HB Products