09. Januar 2024

 We are thrilled to join hands with Cykelnerven / Scleroseforeningen in the battle against Sclerose! 🌟

The support propels cyclists through Tour de France's most challenging peaks, all for a worthy cause 🏞️

See all sponsors for Cykelnerven and learn more ➡️ Cykelnerven

25. Juli 2023

HB Products is proud to sponsor the local cycling team, Aarhus Studenternes Cykelklub – ASC (Aarhus Student Cycling Club), as part of our commitment to supporting the community. Through our sponsorship, we enable the team members to purchase high-quality cycling clothing at a student-friendly price, ensuring they have the necessary gear to excel in their sport.

12. Februar 2023

In September 2022 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of HB Products. Thank you to everyone attending the celebration, as well as everyone that has contributed to the journey of HB Products, over the past 20 years.

12. Februar 2023

HB Products has welcomed new International Sales Manager, Rooba Sivagnana. Rooba has many years of experience in sales and communication making him an ideal fit for this position.

The sales department has also expanded with Dennis Møller, in the position of technical sales.