Vapor Quality Sensor


Energy efficient evaporator control

The evaporator is a key component in a refrigeration system, and in order to achieve the best energy efficiency it is crucial to have optimal control of the evaporator.

In DX (Direct expansion) systems one of the largest challenges are to minimize the amount of energy that are wasted when the system is super heating.

In a flooded system the superheating is avoided but there are often challenges with the high refrigerant charge and controlling the system in partload.


Zero superheat and Ultra Low Charge Systems

With a Vapor Quality Sensor these problems can be met because of the sensors revolutionary technology that makes it possible to perform accurate and direct measurement of the liquid content of the gas leaving the evaporator.

In DX systems the Vapor Quality Sensor can eliminate the need for overheating, and energy consumption can be reduced by up to 40 percent.

In flooded systems, the circulation rate of the refrigerant can be reduced, and the evaporator's capacity can thus be considerably increased.


How does the Vapor Quality Sensor work?

In order to achieve the most energy-efficient evaporation, it is important that the refrigerant gas contains the right mix of liquid and gas - this is what the Vapor Quality Sensor can measure and control. The sensor is placed at the outlet of an evaporator and it is possible to control either an expansion valve in a DX system or a liquid valve in a flooded system directly or with a PLC/Controller.

Features and benefits

  • Measures the content of liquid in a refrigerant gas
  • Instant measurements
  • No moving parts
  • Optimized evaporation control for both DX and overfeed systems
  • Direct control of an expansion- or liquid valve in overfeed systems – no PLC is needed
  • Energy savings up to 40 percent for DX systems – zero superheat.

Want to learn more?

In our brochure you can read more about how you can achieve energy efficient evaporator control using a Vapor Quality Sensor.

Vapor Quality Sensor, Inline

The sensor can be mounted both horizontally and vertically and is suited for flow in both directions.

Vapor Quality Sensor in Strainer Housing

Vapor Quality Sensor integrated in strainer housing.

Vapor Quality Sensor, Angle Rod

The sensor is produced in stainless steel in sizes from 3/8 ” to 7/8” and is suitable for flow in both directions.