NH3 Gas Leakage - Detection

Product Series: HBGS

HBGS exist in five versions ranging from 0-100 ppm and up to 0-15 %. The most sensitive sensors are suited for detection in cold stores where it can detect very small amounts of ammonia before it harms the frozen goods, and the less sensitive versions fulfils the requirements for gas leakage measurement in accordance with F-GAS regulation EU/517/2014.

The five versions are:

0-100 ppm
0-300 ppm
0-1000 ppm
0-5000 ppm
0-15 % (1-100% LEL)

All sensors in the ppm range are based on 3-electrode electrochemical gas sensor cells and the one in the percentage range is a catalytic cell. for the detection of Ammonia, and all must be supplied with 24 V DC. All has 3 built-in digital alarm outputs and one analog 4-20 mA output. The sensor can be set up using a PC with the HB Configuration Tool. The sensor element has a lifetime of 2 years and can easily be replaced. On the front, you can find 4 integrated LEDs for display of the supply (green) as well as 3 alarm levels (red, orange, and yellow). Similarly, there is a reset button in case an alarm is triggered. The sensor is factory calibrated and comes with a calibration certificate as well as preconfigured alarm limits. Verification during the lifetime can be done with high gas concentrations. The sensor can be used in areas where cleaning solvents are used. A built-in heating element ensures the functionality down to -30 ° C ambient temperatures.

Product features

  Integrated LED's for display of the supply (green) as well as 3 alarm levels (red, orange and yellow).
  The sensor is factory calibrated and does not require additional calibration at startup. The sensor comes with a calibration certificate as well as with configured alarm limits.
  Signal output for alarm light.


Electrical installation

HBGS web 


 HBGS NH3 KOMP R3 1 Small


Power supply
Power supply24 V DC - Power consumption max 3 watt
ConnectionScrew terminals
Cable glands2 x PG7
AlarmCan be configured with HB-tool and an USB cable and an adapter
Alarm limitsCan be set from 10 to 100%
Measurement accuracy NH3Repeatability +/-10%
Analog output4...20 mA
Max load500 ohm
Alarm output, relay3 x SPDT, 0,5A
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature-30...+50°C
Protection degreeIP20, box IP65
Mechanical specifications
Cabinet size82x59x126 
MountingOn walls with screws
EMC EmissionEN 61000-6-4
EMC EmissionEN 61000-6-2
Alarm device - part number Sounder Beacon
Alarm  can be configured with HB-tool

Ordering code

Measurement area ppmGasOrdering code
0...100 ppmNH3 (R717)HBGS-NH3-100PPM
0...300 ppmNH3 (R717)HBGS-NH3-300PPM
0...1000 ppmNH3 (R717)HBGS-NH3-1000PPM
0...5000 ppmNH3 (R717)HBGS-NH3-5000PPM
AccessoriesGasOrdering code
Part no. Service kit for verificationNH3 (R717)HBGS-ServiceKit
Part no. Sounder/flash lightNH3 (R717)Sounder Beacon