Rod Style - Compressor Protection

Technical data: HBCP

HBCP is a simplified variant of the HBX vapor quality sensor used at the compressor inlet. HBCP can provide an alarm, when the liquid content in the gas exceeds the critical set point. This alarm and a measured value are typically sent to a PLC. This information can be used for controlling the system and stop the compressor to avoid liquid slugging.

The sensor can prevent liquid refrigerant from entering the compressor and causing damage and break down. Especially in larger systems with several evaporators it can be difficult to control all unit and this sensor can be used for both surveillance and trouble shooting.

The HBCP and the vapor quality sensor measures the amount of liquid in the gas passing through the sensor and react instantly.
The sensor is available in two versions:

  • Rod style sensor which must be installed in an elbow after at the end of a horizontal pipe. The sensor must be located at the bottom of the pipe where the liquid flows. The sensor will not work if located at the middle of the pipe or in a vertical pipe.

  • The strainer house sensor is installed in an empty strainer house, and it measures all the liquid flowing on the walls.

The rod style version is available in two lengths 150 and 300 mm suitable for different pipe sizes. The longest version is typically needed for pipes larger than 2”

Product features

The sensor protects the compressor against damage in the event of liquid hammer from the system.
Setting up the sensor using a PC allows for adjustments to match the system and the compressor.
Split design which makes it easy to install and perform diagnostics on.
Instantaneous reaction without delays.




Connection diagram

 HBLC web 1




HBCP-Rod style

Power supply
Voltage24 V AC/DC + 10%
Current consumption - sensor only*600 mA
Plug connectionM12, 5 pins - DIM 0627
Output typePNP-1 A
Output functionNC or NO
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature-30°C...+50°C
Max. pressure100 bar
Waterproof ratingIP65
VibrationsIEC 60068-2-6 (4g) 
Mechanical specifications
Thread connection3/4” & 1" NPT / BSPP 
Material - mechanical partsAISI 304 / PTEE
Material - electronic partsNylon 6 (PA)
DimensionsSee drawing 
CEEN 61000-2
Cable size 5 m - 3 x0.25 mm2 
Cable glands PG7 / M8
Cable resistance500 Ohm/Km   
LED IndicationGreen, yellow, and red
Type of configurationWith the HB Tool
Tool to be usedHBCP or HBX software
* Total consumption is sensor consumption plus output and it depends on ambient temperature.

Ordering code

Pipe size (compressor line)LengthConnectionOrdering code
2"150 mm3/4" NPTHBCP-1.5-2
2"150 mm3/4" BSPPHBCP-1.5-6
> 2"300 mm3/4" NPTHBCP-3-2
> 2"300 mm3/4" BSPPHBCP-3-6
> 2"300 mm1" BSPPHBCP-3-8
> 2"300 mm1" NPTHBCP-3-9
Electronic PartMust be calibrated on-site HBCP-EL