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Vapor Quality as Compressor Protection

In November 2022, we visited one of our customers Ammongas, who is delivering the control system for a Biogas Plant near Haderslev in Denmark.

ammongas vapor qualityThey have successfully used Vapor Quality sensors for the past 2 years and eliminated compressor damages. The problem is water from the fermentation entering the compressor and causing damage to the lubrication system.

Previously biogas plants were foul in smell, but nowadays the new plants emit less odor than a small regular farm and should not be feared. The new plant is not leaking, and all the waste products are under control because they have a value.

This is a different application for Vapor Quality sensors, a sensor that is normally only found in refrigeration systems and heat pumps. In the biogas application, the sensors are installed in a hazardous area due to the risk of leaking methane.

The new biogas plant is a circular process - meaning they will pick up the unprocessed organic products, mainly manure, and straw from farmers, and return fertilizer with controlled nutrients.


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