Temperature Transmitter Sensor

Technical data: HBTS-TR

HBTS-TR is a temperature sensor conforming to DIN 60751, with 4-20mA transmitter signal, the measuring range can be scaled with the HB-TOOL.

The sensor is designed for the refrigeration industry where servicing of the electronics can be carried out without emptying refrigerant from the system.

The sensor is delivered with a 60 & 90 mm sensor element length and a 6 mm sensor diameter.

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Product features

Proven sensor technology for simple transsistor output PNP/NPN and NO/NC contact function.
Designed for the industrial refrigeration industry - max pressure 100 bar.
Clear indication with LED when refrigerant is detected.
Split design which makes it easy to install and make diagnostic on. The electronic part can be easily separated from the mechanical part.



HBPS HBTS application



Connection diagram





 HBTS TR 60 90mm lngde

Technical Data
 ConnectorDIN 43 650 MV PLUG 
 Temperature output4-20mA,( -50 to +130°C)  
Environmental conditions
 Ambient temperature -30…50°C
 Refrigerant temperature -50…+130°C
 Max. pressure150 bar 
Vibrations IEC 68-2-6 (4g)
Mechanical specifications
Thread connection 1/4" NPT or BSP
Materials – mechanical parts AISI304
Sensor element Ø6 – 60/90 mm
Sensor class DIN B - cl. 1/3 (Pt1000)
Sensor for threading 3-wire
Waterproof rating IP67
EMC EmissionEN61000-3-2 
EMC ImmunityEN61000-4-2 

Ordering code

Sensor typeOrdering code
PT1000, 60 mm 1/4" BSPHBTS-TR/PT1000/BSP60
PT1000, 90 mm 1/4" BSPHBTS-TR/PT1000/BSP90
PT1000, 60 mm 1/4" NPTHBTS-TR/PT1000/NPT60
PT1000, 90 mm 1/4" NPTHBTS-TR/PT1000/NPT90