Vapor quality sensor (OVC systems)

Technical data: HBX-OVC

HBX-OVC is a new revolutionary, patent-pending sensor technology, and it is thus the first sensor in the world capable of measuring the relationship between gas and liquid a refrigeration system. The sensor measures the degree of dryness, “X”, of the gas in the gas pipes, and the value is converted into a 4-20 mA analogue signal corresponding to “X”. The measuring range for HBOVC is X = 0.6...0.9.
The sensor is available in two variants, "Rod Style” for installation in a pipe elbow and “In-line” for welding into the suction pipe.

The sensor offers very precise measurements and provides instant read-outs of the gas quality, making it useable in most evaporators (plate, pipe, and air evaporators).
The sensor’s microprocessor also functions as a controller, enabling the direct control of a modulating motor valve, thereby bypassing the external controller or the PLC. The controller can be set up with all the parameters that are necessary for regulating a modulating motor valve or a stepper motor valve. The sensor is available with a cable for direct supply to and control of the motor valve, or as a sensor where the signal is sent to the external controller/PLC.


Product features

Measures vapor quality in ammonia refrigeration systems – measures the relationship between gas and liquid (Refrigerant Log Ph diagram).
Can also be used in HFC refrigeration systems.


Applikation til HBX DX OVC

Fordamperkasse2 HBX WEB


Connection Diagram



Maal HBX Rod 1 tommer O28mm

Maal HBX Rod 3 4 tommer o22mm

Maal HBX Rod 3 4 tommer O22mm L192mm

HBX-Rod style

Maal HBX Inline

HBX-In-line style

HBx Strainer DN65 WEB

Installation of HBX rodstyle in strainer/filter houses

For proper functionality of X-sensor it is vital with correct installation. This has proven to be challenging when welded in to bends. We are therefore ready with a new solution with integration in strainer houses mounted at the suction line. The function is as on the inline sensor but the advantage is that the filter lid and sensor element can be removed and cleaned if necessary.

Technical data:

 HBX strainer dimensioner web

HBx strainer dimensionstabel web

Power supply
Voltage24 V AC/DC 
Current consumptionMax 250 mA
Electronic connectionM12, 5 pins
Analouge signal4-20 mA
Alarm outputPNP
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature-30...+50°C
Refrigerant temperature-60...+80°C
Max. pressure100 bar 
Degree of protectionIP65
Vibrations IEC 68-2-6 (4g) 
Mechanical specifications
Thread connection / welding connection1" NPT / BSPP 
Material liquid partsAISI 304 / PEEK
Material electronic partsGF BLK, Nylon 6 (PA)
SizeSee drawing
WeightSee ordering codes
TypeFront house
EMC testEN 61000-2
5 m cabel with. M12 plugHBxC-M12/5 
Cabel specificationsPUR -5 x 0,34mm2 
LED indicationLED (green, yellow og red)
ConfigurationWith PC tool

Ordering code

DesignLength / threadConnectionValve typeCable to valveOrdering code
Rod300 mm3/4" NPTNone No HBX-OVC-R-3-2
Rod300 mm3/4" BSPPNone No HBX-OVC-R-3-6
Rod300 mm1" BSPPNone No HBX-OVC-R-3-8
Rod300 mm1" NPTNone No HBX-OVC-R-3-9
Rod300 mm3/4" NPTModulating Yes HBX-OVC/C-R-3-2
Rod300 mm3/4" BSPPModulating Yes HBX-OVC/C-R-3-6
Rod 300 mm 1" BSPP Modulating Yes HBX-OVC/C-R-3-8
Rod 300 mm 1" NPT Modulating Yes HBX-OVC/C-R-3-9
Rod300 mm3/4" NPTStepper motor yes HBX-OVC/S-R-3-2
Rod300 mm3/4" BSPPStepper motor Yes HBX-OVC/S-R-3-6
Rod 300 mm 1" BSPP Stepper motor Yes HBX-OVC/S-R-3-8
Rod 300 mm 1" NPT Stepper motor Yes HBX-OVC/S-R-3-9