Stepper Motor Valve

Technical data: Carel E2V

Carel E2V stepper motor valve for the connection to the refrigerant level control sensor type HBLC, HBX and HBX-OVC. It can be used for all refrigerants and has a fast reaction time.

We offer Carel stepper motor valves as Ø10 (Carel “E2V** CS 000) for CO2 & HFC and Ø13 (Carel E2V** BS 100) for NH3.

The stepper motor valve requires only supply and connection from the “HB-xx/S” sensor and requires no additional stepper motor driver.

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Product features

Precise positioning even at low capacity.
Fast reaction time.
Robust and maintenance-free.


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 Electrical Installation

CAREL E2V Electrical Installations Carel s40

Drawing - Carel “E2V05 BS 100” FOR NH3

Carel E2V05 BS100

 Drawing - Carel “E2V05 CS 000” FOR CO2

 E2V05 CS 000

Phase current 450 mA
Drive frequency 50 Hz (Up to 150 Hz for emergency closing)
Phase resistency (25 ℃ / 77 ℉)36 Ohm ± 10 %
Step angle15°
Linear advance/step 0,03 mm (0,0012 inches)
Complete closing steps500
Control steps480
Mechanical specifications
Max. operating pressure - MOP or MWP / MOPD120/140 bar for CO2 & HFC / 45 barg/35 barg for NH3
Refrigerant temperature-40...+70°C (-40...+58°F)
Ambient temperature-30...+70°C (-22...+58°F)
Protection degreeIP 67
ConnectionØ10 for CO2 & HFC / Ø13 for NH3 (4 wire)
CertificationsCE, UL

Ordering code

Valve typeRefrigerantDimensionsCooling capacityOrdering code
E2V05CS000CO2 / HFCØ100,014 [m³/h]Carel E2V 05
E2V09CS000CO2 / HFCØ100,024 [m³/h]Carel E2V 09
E2V11CS000CO2 / HFCØ100,042 [m³/h]Carel E2V 11
E2V14CS000CO2 / HFCØ100,066 [m³/h]Carel E2V 14
E2V18CS000CO2 / HFCØ100,09 [m³/h]Carel E2V 18
E2V24CS000CO2 / HFCØ100,18 [m³/h]Carel E2V 24
E2V05BS100NH3E2V05-B Ø13-13mm ODF8.9 kWCarel E2V 05 NH3
E2V09BS100NH3E2V09-B Ø13-13mm ODF14.8 kWCarel E2V 09 NH3
E2V11BS100NH3E2V11-B Ø13-13mm ODF25.9 kWCarel E2V 11 NH3
E2V14BS100NH3E2V14-B Ø13-13mm ODF40.7 kWCarel E2V 14 NH3
E2V18BS100NH3E2V18-B Ø13-13mm ODF55.6 kWCarel E2V 18 NH3
E2V24BS100NH3E2V24-B Ø13-13mm ODF111 kWCarel E2V 24 NH3
(*) Cooling capacity calculated in the following conditions: tevap: —I 2 °C (6.4 0F); tcond: 378 °C (I 00 °F); SC: I k (I .8 °R)