Modulating Pilot Valve

Product series: M2FP03GX

Modulating pilot valve with magnetic actuator as the controlling element for 2…5“ main valves for modulating control of chillers, or for direct control of low kvs values. Suitable for use with safety refrigerants such as R22‚ R134a‚ R404A‚ R407C‚ R507 and for ammonia R717. Unsuitable for applications with gas/liquid mixtures.

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Product features

Short positioning time (approx 1 s)
High resolution
Hermetically sealed
Versatile electrical interface with terminal housing ZM..
Friction free
Robust and maintenance-free





Power supply
Connection3 x Ø 17 mm
Positioning4-20 mA
Load resistance≥ 500 ohm
Reactiontime1 s
Mechanical specifications

Ordering code

Part no.Kvs [m3/h]QoE [kW]*

Part no. for M2FP

Kvs [m3/h]


Siemens-M2FP/ZM121A6 - 35425
*2- Port modulating pilot valve + terminal house for pilot valve

Spare parts for Siemens-M2FP/ZM121A


Additional info

Siemens M2FP03GX2-Port modulating pilot valve to controlMain valves. PN32, Thread M24x1,5mm
Siemens ZM121/ATerminal housing for pilot valve24V AC supply, 4-20mA regulation


Manual (UK) - M2FP Modulating pilot valve

Leaflet - M2FP

Siemens Refrigeration Valve Selection Program 

*The calculation program for dimensioning of Siemens modulating valves is indicative and developed

by Siemens. HB Products is not responsible for calculations and cannot be held liable for any damages or

other liability arising from calculations from this Siemens Refrigeration Valve Selection Program.

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