Ammonia gas leak detection with 5 years stability guarantee!

HBGS, which is the name of the new leakage sensor, is based on the newest technology within gas measurement. The sensor is designed for leakage measurement of NH3 refrigerant in industrial refrigeration systems. It can be installed in/by:

  • The machine room
  • The cold storage room
  • The air-conditioning system
  • The chiller system

 hbgs web

The sensor differentiates itself from other sensors on the market by having a measurement head that is stable in the long-term. HB Products guarantees stability for a period of 5 years. The sensor element can easily be replaced after 5 years and does not require calibration. On the front, 4 LEDs are integrated to display the supply (green) as well as 3 alarm levels (red, orange, and yellow). There is also a reset button in case of an alarm.

HBGS meets the requirements for gas leakage measurement in accordance with F-GAS regulation EU/517/2014. HBGS detects NH3 (R717) in a range of 0…1000 ppm. It is an independent unit that must be supplied with 24 V AC/DC. It has 3 built-in digital alarm outputs and 1 built-in analogue 4…20 mA output. The sensor can be configured using a PC with the HB Configuration Tool.

Technical data


Voltage:                                                                 24 V DC ±10% - Max load 1.7 A

Connection:                                                          Cable terminals

Screwed cable connection:                                2 x M12


Analogue output:                                                4-20 mA

Max. resistive load:                                             500 ohm

Digital output – relay:                                         3 x SPDT, 0,5A

Product advantages:

  • 5-year stability guarantee for the probe. Simple to replace – does not require calibration
  • 1 analogue output (4…20 mA) and 3 digital alarm outputs (SPDT, 1A)
  • Three alarm levels with LED display on the front
  • Can be used as a standalone solution or it can be connected to a leakage alarm system
  • Detects NH3 in the range of 0…1000 ppm


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