HBLT-Wire can now be configured without using a PC!

We regularly upgrade the PC-based software used for setting up the sensors.The upgrades are based on input from our customers as well as on new features that we build into the sensors.We have now taken the steps to allow the configuration of the most sold type, HBLT-Wire, to be carried out without a PC.The setup is carried out using a small button on the front of the sensor.The three-figure display sends information back to the person carrying out the configuration using simple codes. 

It is possible to configure the type of refrigerant, the length of the wire, and the size of the standpipe.

HBLT-Wire can be configured for the following applications:

Parmeters to configure Selection possibilities
Refrigerant: R718, R717, R507,   R410, R407, R404, R134, R123ZE, R22
Wire length: 300-4000 cm with 1 cm gap
Standpipe: DN100, DN80, DN65, DN50, DN40, DN32, DN25

HBLT-Wire can also be installed in the tank, i.e. without the use of a standpipe.Here, you just choose standpipe DN100 in the sensor configuration.

If HBLT-Wire is set up using the PC-based software, it is now also possible to assign the sensor offset values for the top and bottom.For example, with this feature, the sensor can be configured specifically to transmit a 100% (20 mA) measurement signal 200 mm from the sensor’s top and 100 mm from the sensor’s bottom (end).

Quick guide

Offset at the top can be relevant if the standpipe is placed higher at the top of the tank. Offset on the bottom can be relevant if oil accumulates in the standpipe due to inadequate drainage conditions in the pipe.   


Covid-19 Update:

HB Products is still at full capacity and able to handle orders as usual. We have a big stock of critical parts and can supply most of our products without any delay. Please be aware that transport time can be longer due to the development in international travel restrictions. We are following the guidance from our authorities and we have taken the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

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