Service-friendly temperature sensors designed for the refrigeration industry

HB Products is now expanding its product line with temperature sensors. The sensors differentiate themselves from other temperature sensors on the market by being 100% designed for the refrigeration industry. The sensor is delivered with a sensor pocket and is designed so that the electronics can easily be separated from the sensor pocket without depressurising the system. The sensor can be delivered with a sensor pocket with 1/4” NPT or 1/4” BSP thread and with a sensor pocket length of 60 or 90 mm. A product line with few models, which cover refrigeration systems with pipe dimensions ranging from DN 50 to DN 150.

The sensor pocket is made of stainless steel. The sensor element is 100% embedded, thus ensuring reliable measurement and a long life. The sensor is also vibration and shock resistant due to the robust design.

As with most of our products, the electric connection is an M12 connector. A flexible connection design where the cable can be adjusted/shortened for the most optimal wiring. HBTS is a temperature sensor in accordance with DIN 60751, and it is available in two variants, PT100 and PT1000 – DIN B – class 3.

The temperature sensor product line and the most important technical data:

Refrigerant Sensor element Thread connection Temperature area Electric connection
R22, R134A, R404A,   R410A, R507, R717, R718 & R744 PT100 or PT1000 ¼” NPT or BSP -50..+130°C M12 - DIN 0627

Product characteristics:

  • Material – sensor pocket: AISI304
  • Sensor element: 6 mm
  • Max pressure: 150 bar
  • Sensor measurement technology: 4-wire (ensures the best possible accuracy)
  • Product in stock – delivery on a day-to-day basis

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