Switches now in a 90…240 V AC version

HB Products’ switch range is now extended with a 90…240 V AC version. It has a solid-state relay output and can carry a load directly up to 40 W. Technically, it matches the solution with the power adapter (HBPA), which we offered thus far. The power adapter (HBPA) is therefore removed from the range. The new series, in the 90…240 V AC version, has the following specifications:

Liquid Product designation
Oil HBSO-SSR-xx-x
CO2 HBSC2-SSR-xx-x


Read more about the 90…240 V AC version:

HBSR for NH3 detection or as a switch for detecting when oil is emptied from the oil pot.

HBSR-HFC-SSR for detection of HFC

HBSC2-SSR for detection of CO2



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