Updated temperature specifications for switches

Today, we have updated the temperature specifications for switches. The new specifications are as follows:

Refrigerant Switch Refrigerant   temperature area (old) Refrigerant   temperature area (new)
R717 (NH3) HBSR -30…+100°C -60…+80°C
R134a, R410a, R507   (HFC) HBSR-HFC -30…+100°C -60…+80°C
R22 (HFC) HBSR-HFC -30…+100°C -60…+40°C
R744 (CO2) HBSC2 -30…+100°C -55…+30°C

We have also decided to phase out the heat element HBHE. In the future, we will be recommending HBSC2-SSR/xx-x-IP and HBSC2-SSR/xx-x-IP for low temperature applications. These will be suited for ambient temperatures as low as -60°C, while the above can be used for temperatures as low as -30°C.

Read more about:

HBSR for NH3 & HFC detection or as a switch for detecting when oil is emptied from the oil pot.

HBSC2 for detection of CO2

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