CO2/NH3 leakage switch for cascade systems 

HBAC is a level switch for detecting liquid leakage in a cascade system. The sensor raise an alarm if there is a leak in CO2/NH3 cascade heat exchangers. The consequence of a leak involves several hours of cleaning the system of salt crystals, which form when CO2 and NH3 mix. These salt crystals are very corrosive and block the pipes and heat exchanger. If the crystallisation is not stopped in time, it is very likely that it will result in damage to heat exchangers, pipes, and pumps.

CO2/NH3 leakage switch for cascade systems

For this purpose, we have developed the HBAC capable of detecting even small amounts of ammonia on the CO2 side. The sensor is based on an entirely unique measurement technology.

Product features:

  • Detecting of leakage of CO2 into NH3 in cascade heat exchanger
  • Simple to install by one thread sleeve. A cost optimised solution
  • LED indication of power supply and alarm status
  • Unique split design which make it easy to install and make diagnostic. The electronic part can be easily dismounted from the mechanical part by 2 small screws.

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