Optimised analogue sensor for level measurement of CO2  

The dramatic increase in the use of commercial CO2 refrigeration systems has led to the development of a new analogue level sensor, HBLC-CO2.

The new series of analogue sensors from HB Products has been developed especially for the measurement of CO2 in refrigeration systems. The series consists of pre-calibrated sensors in 7 different lengths, from 500 mm to 1700 mm.

Microprocessor-based technology
The design of the HBLC-CO2 is based on a new microprocessor circuit board, and the sensor has software which enables very precise measurements. In addition to the analogue 4-20mA signal, it is also possible to use the sensor as a high level alarm. When the alarm level has been reached, a set of contacts is closed. You thus have two sensors in one, and should you want to perform a different measurement it can easily be recalibrated.

The mechanical part is manufactured with a robust design and can handle system pressures of up to 150 bar. The level sensor is based on the capacitative measuring principle and has no moving parts, which also makes it very suitable for marine applications.

Designed with the HB Products unique split design
As with all other sensors from HB Products, HBLC-CO2 is designed with a unique split design where the electronic part is easily separated from the mechanical part. This feature makes it possible to perform diagnoses without disassembling the mechanical part from the container or the overflow pipe. 

Specifications that match the requirements of the refrigeration industry.
HBLC-CO2 is designed with the following mechanical and electronic specifications:

  • Analogue output:  4-20 mA
  • Supply:   24 V DC
  • Current draw:  Max 50 mA
  • Plug:   M12, 5 pins
  • Potential free relay output at high level alarm: Max 1 A (24W)
  • Ambient temperature:  -50…50°C
  • Refrigerant temperature:  -50…+100°C
  • Max. operational pressure: 150 bar
  • Waterproof rating:  IP65
  • Thread connection:   ¾” NPT
  • Materials – mechanical parts: AISI304/PTFE
  • Materials – electronic parts: Nylon 6 (PA)

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