New sensor, designed for use in freezing tunnels, prevents liquid hammer during hot gas defrosting.

HB Products launches yet another unique product – HBLC-R-IP- a specially developed level sensor designed for installation in freeze tunnels and other low temperature applications with ambient temperatures as low as -50°C

HBLC-R-IP is an intelligent microprocessor-based sensor for detecting refrigerant levels at ambient temperatures as low as -50°C. The integrated temperature compensation enables it to be installed in ambient temperatures such as those found in flow and tunnel freezers, for example, where a sensor would not normally be installed.

The temperature compensation prevents ice formation on the sensor and ensures that the electronics maintain a stable operational temperature. It is well suited as a safety indicator for an empty liquid line, for example inside flow freezers before hot gas defrost. The clear LED reading shows if there is a liquid level and renders sight glass redundant. 
Furthermore, it can naturally also be used for level indication of high and low refrigerant levels, on/off control of liquid injection in liquid separators, pump separators, economisers, and so on.

The sensor is pre-calibrated for ammonia, but it can also be used for other kinds of refrigerant. The calibration function on the front therefore makes the HBLC-R-IP into a universal level switch for low temperature applications.  

The sensor is supplied with a 24 V DC and the potential-free contact function can be set to either NO or NC. It is manufactured with chemical and temperature resistant materials and encased in accordance with IP68. The sensor is supplied with a special low temperature supply cable. 

The switch is mechanically designed to withstand operational pressures all the way up to 100 bar, and is supplied with ¾” thread.

Designed with HB Products’ unique split design    
As with all other sensors from HB Products, HBLC-R-IP is designed with the unique split design where the electronic part is easily separated from the mechanical part. This feature makes it possible to perform diagnoses without disassembling the mechanical part from refrigeration system. 
Specifications that match the requirements of the refrigeration industry.

HBLC-R-IP is designed with the following mechanical and electronic specifications:

  • Supply:   24 V DC ±10%
  • Current draw:  Max. 10 W
  • Plug:   M12
  • Output:  Solid state / potential free NO/NC
  • Ambient temperature:  -50…+50°C
  • Refrigerant temperature:  -50…+100°C
  • Max. operational pressure: 100 bar
  • Waterproof rating:  IP68
  • Thread connection:   ¾” NPT & ¾” BSP
  • Materials – mechanical parts: AISI304/PTFE
  • Materials – electronic parts: PA46-GF30 / Polycarbonate

Further information can be given by our locale agent in your country.

Covid-19 Update:

HB Products is still at full capacity and able to handle orders as usual. We have a big stock of critical parts and can supply most of our products without any delay. Please be aware that transport time can be longer due to the development in international travel restrictions. We are following the guidance from our authorities and we have taken the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

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