User-friendly controller – HBLT-C1 – with universal pump/valve control

With the new valve/pump controller, HBLT-C1, HB Products now offers a solution for controlling refrigerant levels in pump separators, receivers, and economisers.

With the new controller, the product program is extended to include a universal controller in addition to level transmitters and sensors. It is designed to connect to analogue 4-20mA level transmitters, such as HBLT-A1 and HBLC-CO2, but it is also suitable for other types, for example from Parker, Danfoss, and others.

The controller is universal with regard to its connection options, since it can control one or more pumps via relays or it can control magnetic valves, such as the AKVA series from Danfoss, via a solid state output. Similarly, it can control modulating motor valves such as the MVS 661 series from Siemens.

Simple set-up and intelligent calibration function    

Set-up is carried out on the front of the panel, and the menu structure has been kept simple and very user-friendly. Alarm limits, setpoint, and control parameters can be defined in the menu. Apart from setpoint and p-band, it is also possible to program the hysteresis and start ramp when setting up the control parameters. It is thus possible to customise the control configuration to match the current system and its operational parameters.

The intelligent calibration function enables calibration of the level transmitter irrespective of the refrigerant level in the vessel. It is therefore not necessary to empty the vessel of fluid before calibrating the sensor. The calibration is a so called Teach-in function, where the operator has the option to define the container's % volume, and calibrate it accordingly.

Easily readable display and LED indication of valve position

On the front of the display there is a 3-figure display as well as 5 LEDs, which indicate the degree of opening of the motor valve (on selected types). The figures on the 3-figure display are 20mm in size, and are therefore easily readable from longer distances.   

Module designed for mounting on front panel

The general specifications of the controller:

  • Front dimensions: 96x96 mm
  • Protection rating: IP54
  • Universal 24AC/DC supply
  • 3 relays,  NC/NO, max 5 A
  • 1 solid state relay, max 1 A
  • 1 valve output (3-wired) with +24VDC, GND and mA, max 1 A.
  • 1 level input (4-20 mA). From analogue sensor HBLT-A1 or HBLC-CO2, etc.
  • 1 external alarm input signal, possibly from a high level switch.

You can find more information under products. You can also contact HB Products using the following email address:   

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