World News - Gas Quality Sensor

For reduced charge & ammonia DX control

The new revolutionary HBDX sensor makes it possible to perform a direct measurement of the gas quality in a two-phase ammonia flow. It is designed to be mounted in the suction line and offers precise online reading of the content of liquid in gas without any time delay.

DX direct expansion 

By being able to measure and control the gas quality it will also be possible to construct low charge ammonia DX systems and decrease or even eliminate superheat.

HB recommends the use of the Siemens MVS661 modulating valve since it has a reaction time of less than 1 second and is forced closed when it is without power, both very important parameters for DX control.

The sensor is at current available for OEMs. Contact Sales & Marketing Director Mark Kristensen for further informations at

Read more about the gas quality sensor from HB Products.

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