Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab @ HB ProductsWith its innovative mindset, HB Products is playing a pioneering role in the industrial refrigeration market. As a technology leader, it is our task to constantly raise the bar. Traditionally driven by entrepreneurship, we are working steadily on new high-quality products and innovative processes.

HB Products offers more. We create added value, clearly discernible competitive advantages and greater profitability. Each product is tailored specifically to meet our customers’ requirements – offering standardised as well as customized solutions. This applies to all industries and all companies regardless of their size.
If you want to keep pace with tomorrow’s competition, you need a partner by your side for whom top quality, process optimisation and enhanced productivity are part of daily business. However, we define partnership not merely as being there for you but being with you. After all, joint activities form the core of commercial success.

We always have a handful of development projects in the pipeline, and below, you can get an idea of the projects we are currently working on. If you have any input or requests related to these products, we would very much like to hear from you.
1) Gas leakage sensor and controller
Product features: Service friendly with an electronic design that is stable in the long-term; easy setup using an HB Tool.