CO2 sensors

CO2 level detection is an art we have mastered. The low dielectric capacitance, as well as the high pressure, makes this application challenging. HBLC-CO2 and HBSC2 are the only ways to handle it…

HB Products specially developed CO2 sensor is suited for all kinds of CO2 refrigeration systems, with operating pressure all the way up to 150 bar (2175 PSI)

The product range consists of:

  • on/off level switches
  • analogue level transmitters

r744 level sensor

Application areas for on/off level switches:

  • Level indication, min/max, on all types of CO2 fluid tanks

Application areas for analogue level transmitters:

  • continuous analogue level measurement, 4-20mA, in all types of CO2 fluid tanks and/or overflow pipes.

All sensors are designed so that they are:

  • unaffected by pressure and temperature
  • maintenance-free, without moving parts and
  • not affected by impurities in the refrigerant or oil.
  • can be serviced during operation without loss of pressure

If the products discussed above do not meet your specific needs or if you would like a customised variant, please contact us! We work closely with a number of our customers regarding the development and refinement of sensors and controllers.

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