Product Updates

On this page, you will find information on important product updates.

Products with updates:

HBSR - NH3 switch - 24 V AC/DC

HBLT-WIRE - NH3 level sensor (wire)

HBLC-NH3 - NH3 level regulator

HBDX - NH3 gas quality sensor

HBSC2 - CO2 switch - 24 V AC/DC

HBLC-CO2 - Level sensor

HBSR-HFC - HFC switch - 24 V AC/DC

HBLC-HFC - Level sensor

HBLT-C1 - Level controller

HBSO - Oil switch - 24 V AC/DC

All product links provide information on relevant product updates for the specific products. Apart from the specified updates, we also carry out ongoing updates on software and hardware that do not directly affect the function of the product. These may consist of improvements that are aimed at improved user-friendliness or serviceability. They may also consist of changes to the housing design or a new product label.





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