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Here you can study some case stories from our customers:


Service costs kept down with HBCP compressor protection…

HBCP in suction line web

“Sensors from HB Products for compressor protection have demonstrated their value, as the compressors has suffered no damage since we installed 4 sensors in a system in Dissen, Germany,” said Eric Müller from Arctos Industriekälte.

Arctos Industriekälte is about to install a new NH3 refrigeration system at a large food manufacturer located in Dissen, Germany. The system’s service costs were so great due to the age of the system that it was time for it to be replaced. At the same time, the old system was based on Freon 22 and it was therefore a requirement to replace the system within a number of years... read the article

 Novozymes uses innovative regulation technology for control of level in chiller

Novozymes“We’ve chosen the low-pressure level control from HB Products because it’s more reliable than a traditional float valve. It’s also cheaper to install, because it requires less piping and less space” observes Flemming C. Larsen from DanARCTICA.

Traditionally, the industrial refrigeration industry has used mechanical float valve stations for controlling the level in chillers. This type of mechanical installation is widely used, but over time moving components become worn and the mechanical float valve stations become unreliable. Novozymes wanted to solve this problem by optimizing a number of other functionalities when establishing a 400 kW new refrigeration system. The system was constructed and delivered by DanARCTICA and has been operating since July 2011.zymes - use innovativ technology -liquid level regulation with HBLC... read the article


Focus on oil level control, a contributing factor in Advansor's success in the development and production of transcritical CO2 systems.

HBProducts-PressureCO2 plantWhen Kim G. Christensen and Torben M. Hansen founded Advansor in 2006, they were particularly focused on the components needed to ensure unrivalled operational reliability...

One of the greatest challenges in the design of CO2 systems is ensuring refrigerant charge during down time. The system thus becomes easy to service, since a pump-down can be performed for the receiver. However, for ambient temperatures of up to 40°C, it means that the system must be designed with a pressure of approx. 100 the article

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