Case story - Refrigerant level control

Novozymes uses innovative regulation technology for control of level in chiller

“We’ve chosen the low-pressure level control from HB Products because it’s more reliable than a traditional float valve. It’s also cheaper to install, because it requires less piping and less space” observes Flemming C. Larsen from DanARCTICA.

HB Products - Industrial cooler

Traditionally, the industrial refrigeration industry has used mechanical float valve stations for controlling the level in chillers. This type of mechanical installation is widely used, but over time moving components become worn and the mechanical float valve stations become unreliable. Novozymes wanted to solve this problem by optimizing a number of other functionalities when establishing a 400 kW new refrigeration system. The system was constructed and delivered by DanARCTICA and has been operating since July 2011.... read the article

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