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Article_Case Leaking Detection of CO2 into Ammonia

All the vapor quality sensors (HBX) can be used as leak detectors for ammonia carbamate and at the same time work as vapor quality sensor. More information is available under vapor quality sensors. Article_Case Leaking Detection of CO2 into Ammonia

HBX Low Charge Ammonia System Case story

HBX Low Charge Ammonia System_Case story (Pdf English)  

Low Charge Ammonia System Controlled by Gas Quality Sensors

It`s now possible to design Low Charge dry expansion systems, more energy efficient than conventional flooded and pump circulation systems.

The Myth Regarding the Use of Ammonia in a DX Designed refrigeration system

The desire to use the world’s most energy-efficient refrigerant, ammonia, in DX-designed refrigeration systems has led to many challenges and has rightfully earned the reputation of being a poor solution that does not always work well.

Focus on oil level control, a contributing factor in Advansor's success in the development and production of transcritical CO2 systems

When Kim G. Christensen and Torben M. Hansen founded Advansor in 2006, they were particularly focused on the components needed to ensure unrivalled operational reliability...

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